Online lifestyle shop selling Furniture, Accessories, Lamps, Lights and everything in between.

Our brand identity is our way to communicate to the world and differentiate us from our competitors. We created a brand experience including a trademark and visual appearance which reflects our uniqueness and will help you to show yours.

Who we are is transported in every aspect of our brand.

A strong brand is built on a strong core identity- our purpose is to reflect that we provide pre-selected award winning products of world class quality, provide inspiration in giving our clients the opportunity to “shop-the-look” and give them interior design services as an add-on.

We will not follow random design trends but give the brand a unique look, taking under consideration what goes on in the design world but making it digestible for our customers.

We are only featuring products which are produced environmentally friendly and animal test free. All our products are ethically produced.

How we do what we do?

Be efficient in the supply chain, value our partners, be supportive to our customers and inspire our clients.



Build a world where everyone can live a happy life in a wonderful created surrounding/environment! Amazing design needs to be accessible for everyone!


Create living spaces based on trusted long-term partnerships to uplift your lifestyle and make your home the best possible version of itself.


  • Lacosy is balanced between traditional/classy and progressive/contemporary
  • Lacosy is exclusive but affordable for the majority
  • Lacosy is serious with a funny twist
  • Lacosy style is understatement with Bold elements
  • Lacosy is complex as we are a lifestyle platform not only limited to furniture and accessories
  • Lacosy is not limited to certain styles but trying to find the best of each style so majority of our target group can identify with the brand.
  • What is important to us is that every item showcased on our website is not made by children or exploited people – Sustainability is the key word. We are only using products which are produced environmentally friendly and animal test free. Also all our items are ethically produced.
  • Lacosy is representing high human ideals. We want to change your world to the better through design.
  • We represent award winning products like Red Dot Design Award and innovative ideas.