Shipping and Returns 

How do I track my order?

You can track your order from your account page, once your order is shipped, you’ll receive a notification by email that you order is dispatched. You can also contact our Customer Service Team on shipment-tracking@lacosy.com who will be happy to help you track your order.

What is the cost of shipping my items?

Shipping costs vary dependent on the item and how fast you would like to receive it. When you put an item in your cart and go to check out, all shipping options and pricing will be there on the screen.

When will I receive my order?

Depending on the weight, dimensions and your shipping choice for the items, the delivery to your home can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Some of our items have the opportunity for express delivery so you can enjoy your products as soon as possible!

 I haven’t received my order

Shipping can sometimes get congested in customs. Not to worry, if you feel your product is delayed from the time stated and the tracking is not showing a solution, please contact our customer service team who can assist you on shipment-tracking@lacosy.com.

Why is my order/item missing?

Hopefully this will never happen, but if it does please contact our customer service team on orders@lacosy.com to help you sort your issue.

Why is my order only partially delivered?

Some of the products you have ordered may have been sent from two separate warehouses. We may have sent you the items that were available first and then we will send you the remaining items in a second delivery. If you have not received your second shipment, please contact the customer service team for advice on shipment-tracking.

What do I do if my item is damaged?

Here at LACOSY, our team takes special care of each order to ensure your order reaches you in perfect condition. On the odd occasion that you do receive a damaged item, please contact us on support@lacosy.com and your case will be processed at the earliest possible.

What do I do if I don’t want my item anymore?

We are sorry that the item you ordered is not quite right for you. Our returns procedure is simple and easy: If the product is unopened and still in its original condition and packaging, you can return within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery.

If you request a pickup service for the items to be returned or exchanged, an additional charge will be applied. Please refer to our returns policy in our terms and conditions for more information on item returns.

Which items are not eligible for return?
Products that fall under specific categories, including all seasonal products such as Christmas and Easter products, babies and kids products, headphones, textile and fabric related products, carpets, clothes and pajamas, pillows, duvets and sheets, placemats and runners, table covers and napkins and towels.



 How can I change my email, home address or password on my account?

Changing your details could not be easier, log into your LACOSY account. When clicking on My Details or Shipping Addresses  you will be given the option to update your account details and then press save.

I’ve forgotten my email address or password and cannot login to my account. Help!

Don’t worry, this happens to all of us at some point. Just follow this link and reset your password. You will receive a new password via email.

How can I pay?

When shopping with LACOSY, you can be assured of an easy-to-navigate and secure site that provides easy and secure payment solutions to cater for all your needs.

Whilst your payment is being authorized, look out for https://lacosy.com in the address line of the page you are directed to. This indicates that your data is being transferred using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection. We use industry standard data encryption to make sure no unauthorized parties can access your payment details.

Credit Cards

We use the most secure payment gateway to offer you a fast, safe and secure way of paying, following all PCI compliance guidelines when you are using either your Mastercard or Visa.


PayPal is a preferred method of payment for most e-buyers as it is a secured gateway for sending payments online. Shop securely without revealing your credit card or bank account information; and pay conveniently and quickly whilst shopping online.

Can I pay in another currency?

Yes, the currency you can currently pay in are OMR, SAR, USD and AED.  You can change this in the top bar of the home screen.  

 Is it possible to cancel the order after payment?

Yes, as long as the order is not yet shipped. Please contact our customer service team to cancel the order.


Products and Design

Can someone help me plan and design rooms?

We work closely with The Touch-Up, an easy and clever way to style an area, a room or a full home with expert designers. See their website here: www.thetouch-up.com

If you are planning an order of OMR 5000 or above in value, we offer the service complimentary, please contact us on orders@lacosy.com.

I have a question about a product before buying. What do I do?

Contact our expert team on orders@lacosy.com and you will be assisted as soon as possible.

What if I want to have the products assembled?

If you prefer, we can arrange our reasonably priced assembly company that can come to your home to assemble and install our products.

Why does my wooden product look different from the page on the website?

The life of a tree is characterized in its own unique way of growth and is reflected in its design, texture and colour. No tree is the same, like no human being has the same fingerprint. These nature and growth properties turn each piece of furniture made from genuine wood into a unique piece of furniture with a similar but unique look. This is even more increased by the material and production method. A 100% colour and texture similarity between a sample and the actual delivery cannot be guaranteed; in particular, when ordering special product or later complementary items. Also for special model dependent production methods like vertical or horizontal veneer patterns, relief veneer models for optical purposes (for example with drawers), veneer and solid wood combinations, long timber connections, glue connections or parquet gluing for shape stability of which the result is dependent of the type of wood, position and light for dark and light colour and texture accents. This natural color play is a typical property of the natural raw materials and are unmistakable proof that the item is genuine and is no ground for complaint.